Why We Pray to Mary

Lesson and sample story to tell kids on..

Why do we pray to Mary?

We pray to Mary because she is the Mother of Jesus. Jesus loves His mother very much, and Mama Mary loves Jesus very much as well. Jesus was a good son and He always listened to His mother when He was still a small child like you. When Jesus grew up, He helped many people. He healed many people from sickness; He taught them how to be good and how to do good things to one another. Jesus had a mission, and His mission was to save everyone from sin. And He has someone to help Him… His mother, Mama Mary.

And when we pray to Mama Mary, do you know what she does? She goes to Jesus, she talks and prays to Him as well. Mama Mary is also praying with you.

Here’s a story…

One sunny day, there was a kid named Paolo. Paolo had a friend and his name was Jeffrey. Jeffrey and Paolo were best friends. They would borrow toys from each other, play together, go to school together. They shared their baon with each other, and most of all they prayed together. Paolo and Jeffrey were like brothers.

“Dear God, please take care of Jeffrey and make him always happy and healthy so that we can play and do stuff together. Take care of him because he is my best friend in the whole world. Amen,” prayed Paolo.

Then Jeffrey prayed to God, “Dear Lord, Paolo is like a brother to me, he is kind and loving and he always lends me his toys. He is friendly. I also share with him my food when we’re in school and my other toys. Please take good care of him Lord. Amen.”

One day, Paolo got angry at Jeffrey, because Jeffrey lost Paolo’s favourite robot toy, Bumblebee. Paolo was very angry at Jeffrey. He didn’t want to talk to Jeffrey anymore. Jeffrey said sorry, but Paolo just went inside the house and closed the door. Jeffrey was left outside, so Jeffrey just went home. He was thinking of a way how to say sorry to Paolo.

The next day, Jeffrey had an idea. Jeffrey went out of his house, closed the door behind him as he ran and rushed towards Paolo’s house. When Jeffrey was in front of Paolo’s house, he saw Paolo’s mother.

Jeffrey took a deep breath and marched towards the garden and talked to Paolo’s mother.

“Hi ma’am,” said Jeffrey, “is Paolo home?” “Hello Jeffrey! Good morning,” replied Paolo’s mother, “Yes, Paolo is inside watching T.V. Why aren’t you two together playing this morning? Did you two have a fight?” asked Paolo’s mother.

Jeffrey was nervous but he said, “Yes, he got angry at me because I lost his favourite toy. Could you please talk to him and say that I’m really sorry? And that I want us to be friends again.”

“Why sure Jeffrey! I’ll talk to him this instant. Paolo always listens to what I say to him,” said Paolo’s mother. “You wait here for a moment,” added Paolo’s mother.

After a while, Paolo went out of the house with his mother. And Paolo went straight to Jeffrey and said, “I’m sorry too, Jeffrey. I know you didn’t do it on purpose. I was just angry because it was my favourite toy, but I’m not angry anymore because you’re my best friend in the whole world.”

Then Jeffrey thanked Paolo’s mother for talking to Paolo. Paolo and Jeffrey were friends again with each other and they were friends until they grew old.

Coloring Page Activity Mary

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