“Jar of Life” (Putting God First)

“But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. – Matthew 6:33”


Explain to kids that we will be like scientists experimenting on something. Our goal is to fit all the things (present props) inside one jar.

Let the kids (1 or 2 volunteers) try out (or point out what to put first) and execute transferring; assist if needed.

Then, demonstrate how to put all things inside the jar after trying.

Begin with the biggest. Next, medium. And last is the smallest.

– Explain the representation of each prop.

  • Jar – Life/ You
  • Big props – God
  • Medium props – Family/ Friends/ Dreams
  • Small props – others/ wants

Emphasize on :

  1. “If we put the BIG things first, everything else will fit right.” Who should we put first? GOD.
  2.  When we put GOD (or the big things) first, we will still be full or WHOLE. In that sense, whether or not we have the small things, we will still BE WHOLE, because we have GOD.

*Other props needed:

  •  Jars
  •  Candies/ Chocolates (Large, Medium, Small-sized)
  • Big spoon
  • Lab gown (as costume)
  • Lab goggles


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